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Apex Vise

full rotary vise • stainless steel construction [440-c and 303] • delrin sleeve bearings • 0-1 tool steel jaws • 7/0 to 32 hook range • separate tying friction and spindle lock • knurled end knob adjusts tying friction • rust free – teflon bushings retain smooth feel • long throw cam action lock up • extended finger pin with ball end for easy wrapping • finger pin can be located in any four pre-drilled positions • made in the usa

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Apex Vise

tool steel jaws • stainless steel construction • 6/0 to 32 hook range • in-line rotary left or right • hand tying adjustment • lifetime warranty • made in the usa

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Wolff products are warranted to be free from defects in material and labor for the usable life of the product. This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse or unauthorized repair.





The c-clamp includes Clamp, Threaded Rod, with brass knob, and black thumb screw. The c-clamp assembly comes attached to the Atlas Vise, it is held in place by the black thumb screw on the back of the c-clamp. To remove the c-clamp, loosen the thumb screw. The c-clamp attaches to a flat surface, of suitable thickness by turning the brass knob. The stem of the Atlas Vise will slide into the hole in the c-clamp and then tighten with the black thumb screw.


The Pedestal base can be found in the bubble pack included in the box. The stem holder for the base with its black thumb screw will be in a small bag. Screw the stem holder into the blue base. The stem holder has a knurled nut attached to the bottom of the holder, to allow the tier to rotate the black thumb screw out of the way and lock it by threading it against the base.


The jaws are housed inside a round body held to the main spindle with a wing nut located on one side and a set screw on the other side; these may be switched to accommodate the left handed tier. The lock handle cam, at the bottom of the body, opens in the down position and locks in the up position. Put your hook between the jaws. Using the adjusting nut, adjust the Jaw pre-load to a point where the lock handle cam can be rotated to the up position; locking the hook in place. If the cam locks while still pointed down adjust nut upwards. If the hook is not tight enough, adjust the nut downwards until the hook is held correctly when the cam handle is pointed up. The black thumb screw adjacent to the body allows the locked hook/body unit to slide up and down, bringing the hook shank into center of rotation. The black thumb screw on the main rotary body is for fully locking and unlocking ONLY. Tying/turning friction is adjusted by turning the small knurled knob at the extreme end of the vise head. The black thumb screw can also be reversed for left handed tiers. The rotary finger pin can be put into any of the four pre-drilled positions, be sure to replace the plugging set screw after moving, as the drive pin is retained by the top most set screw.







Tighten or loosen the top screw at the jaw and stem connection with the large Allen wrench provided. Now you are able to rotate the Vise head to your desired tying level. You may also reverse the Vise head to a left-hand tying position by removing the screw and re-positioning the Vise head on the stem in the opposite direction. HOOK–Inside the Jaws are machined grooves to accommodate various hook sizes. The large hooks are to be positioned in the back of the Jaw with the small hooks utilizing the area at the Jaw tip. Large hooks back/small hook front.

Open the Jaws with the adjusting nut located directly behind the Vise Jaw opening. Turn the Adjusting nut counterclockwise to open for positioning of your fly hook. You will use the hook as your guide when opening the jaws. Open the jaws only as far as necessary to capture the hook. Reverse this process to tighten and hold the hook in place.


Push the Lock Handle down to lock the hook into place at your desired tying position. Reverse this operation to release the hook for hook removal.


Loosen the black wing nut on the Vise head. This will allow you to rotate the Vise head freely using the lock handle. Tighten to stop this action.


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