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About Southwest Custom Rods

Ron's Custom Tackle has been in the business of creating custom rods for individuals since 1975. The initial startup of this craft evolved from his own needs for that something different or specialized for his own fishing needs. Over time, the demand from other individuals led to the formation of Southwest Custom Rods, to provide people with this service. We are now prepared to go public with our offerings, from fly rods to heavy offshore salt water rigs and everything else in between.

In our search to build & use some of the finest components available, we found ourselves becoming a dealer for the Lemke line of reel seats. This quest has made it possible to offer these seats, and if needed some very fine inserts to rod builders throughout the world.

As we continue to grow we also plan to offer many other fine building components to builders.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build some of the finest quality & performing rods out there. Not only are we interested in just sales but also assisting others who have undertaken this excellent & rewarding craft

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Our History

  • Snake Brand Guides Dealer

    US Dealer for Snake Brand Guides

  • Retirement

    Retired and dedicated myself to the business full time.

  • Wolff Indiana Vises Dealer

    Became a dealer for Wolff Indiana Vises

  • Lemke Reel Seat Hardware Dealer

    Became the US Dealer for Lemke Reel Seat Hardware

  • Inception

    Initial startup of Ron's Custom Rods in search of something customized and different for his own fishing needs.

  • Early Days

    I ventured into this craft under the mentoring of the prominent So Cal builder Chuck Bethurum of Mr CeeBee’s Custom Tackle out of San Bernardino Calif.

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Southwest Custom Rods
11864 W Edgemont Ave
Avondale, Arizona 85392

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Telephone: (602)571-2418
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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